Special Sun Love Feast- July 24,2016 -11am-2pm -Bathing Festival of Lord Jagannatha.

About Bathing Festival/Snana Yatra

Snana-yatra is an important pastime of Lord Jagannatha at our temple.On this day, Jagannatha, Baladeva, and Subhadra allow Themselves to be bathed by all following the original tradition of worship at Jagannatha Puri.This bathing goes on for a few hours in the midst of kirtaniyas glorifying Their Lordships and the chanting of the maha-mantra. Lord Jagannatha’s prasada is also offered to all visitors.Due to the sacred bath,colours painted on the images fade out. The Daitas repaint the images with new colours and on the 16th day the Deities appear in their new forms after colouration become ready for the public view. The festival of the first appearance of the Lord Jagannatha to his devotees is called ‘Netrotsava’ (festival for the eyes) or ‘Nava Yauvanotsava’ (festival of the ever new youth).
There is a general belief that the devotee washes away all his sins if he gets a vision of the Lord on this day.

11.00- 11.15      Tulsi Puja
11.15 – 11.30     Guru Puja                                        
11:30 –11:55     Aarti & Kirtan                                    
11.55 – 12.00    Sri Nrsingadeva Prayers               
12.00 -12:45    Vedic discourse
12:45 – 1:30    Bathing Festival of Lord Jagannatha
  1.30 –  2.00     Sanctified Free Vegetarian Feast

Monthly sankirtan Festival(MSF)

“One who has life can preach, and one who preaches gets life.”(Previous Acaryas)

Every member of ISKCON should have the opportunity to make advancement in Krishna consciousness by preaching.We encourage everyone to come out and participate and make Srila Prabhupada happy.

Please contact:
Rasaraj Dasa[email protected]/ 647.887.5736(Mississauga and Brampton regions)
Narahari Dev Dasa [email protected] (Etobicoke


Fasting For Kamika Ekadasi
Fasting…………………on Fri Jul 29,2016
Breakfast……………..on  Sat Jul 30,2016 b/w 6.05am-10.57am

Every fortnight, we observe Ekadasi, a day of prayer and meditation. On this day we fast (or simplify our meals and abstain from grains and beans), and spend extra time reading the scriptures and chanting the auspicious Hare Krishna mantra.By constantly ‘exercising’ our minds through regular japa we can train our senses to push the threshold of contentment.

English audio glorification of all Ekadasis is available here 
  Japathon-Congregational Mantra Meditation
Next meeting on Aug 13 ,2016(5.30am-9.30am) at ISKCON Brampton

The chanting is a spiritual call for the Lord and His Energy to give protection to the conditioned soul.japa, when performed with focus and attention, can subdue the agitating effects of one’s mind and senses. The senses, of which the mind is also one, are constantly being stimulated by the external world  – by gross and subtle matter.
If you have not chanted before, and would like to participate in this program, we will be very happy to show how you can do this.
All welcome. We’ll loan you a set of Beads!

IB Vaishnavi Sanga
Please join us for the upcoming workshop and dance practice in July 10(2-4pm) & 24(2-4pm)

The Vaisnavi Sanga hosted by ISKCON Brampton is a special opportunity for ladies to come together for a spiritual getaway in peaceful, intimate surroundings. It is the perfect occasion for an evening filled with amazing association, spiritually surcharged program, and Krishna conscious discussions. It is a place where we will be able to learn from each other and have a safe forum to express our doubts and open our hearts.

Festival Of India-Brampton
July 30,2016(11pm-5pm) at Chinguacousy Park,Brampton.

Key Features include: Free Vegetarian Feast,Parade,Music & dance,Kids Activities,Drama,Boutique,Heena,Face Painting and more.It’s a free public event for the entire family.Join us with your loved ones to have some really fun time.

Sunday School

To register,contact us

The Sunday School provides fun filled strategies through the medium of music, drama, debates, quizzes and games that present Vedic Culture to children. However the syllabus is also designed to simultaneously teach them to always remember Krishna and never forget Him. School
The Sunday School follows the curriculum provided by the Bhaktivedanta College of Education and Culture (BCEC).

Gift Shop

Our boutique is stocked with an excellent range of products, perfect for gifts or as souvenirs of your visit. It offers textiles, jewellery, incense, devotional articles, musical instruments, books, and CDs inspired by Indian culture.We’re open on all Sundays and celebrations marked in our annual calendar.

Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare
Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare
Chant and Be happy

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