“My dear Sanatana, although you are the deliverer of the entire universe and although even the demigods and great saints are purified by touching you, it is the characteristic of a devotee to observe and to protect the Vaishnava etiquette. Maintenance of the Vaishnava etiquette is the ornament of a devotee.” (CC Antya 4.128-30)

Accepting the identity of a Vaishnava necessitates a certain standard of behavior or etiquette. Vaishnava etiquette facilitates Krishna Consciousness.

The Vaishnava etiquette seminar gives everyone an opportunity to learn, understand and practice the criteria by which a devotee can act properly in every situation.

The success of spiritual life lies in its pragmatic application to real life situation. Srila Prabhupada’s Krishna Consciousness movement is meant to address the material problems of this material world through the adoptions of spiritual principles.

The seminars and workshops conducted by BAEC address a variety of contemporary socio-cultural issues in the light of scriptural reference, thus offering spiritual wisdom to devotees in order to navigate our ever-complex world confidently.

On account of the subject matter, BAEC typically taps on the intellectual prowess of many senior practising devotees to facilitate such seminars and workshops.

The duration of such events varies depending on the subject matter discussed.


What some of our previous participants have to say about our Seminars and Workshops…

"The parenting seminar was very valuable to us as young parents, specially coming from experienced devotees like mother Uttama and mother KrsnaNandini. Mother Uttama's clarity in facilitating the seminar and learnings from her experience were amazing. Mother KrsnaNandini, is an example of multi-faith coexistence in the same household and raised many beautiful Krsna Conscious children. It was very encouraging to hear the firsthand testimonial from one of her children during the seminar. There was so much to learn from the group discussions and takeaways from the seminar that has helped us tremendously since."


“I recently attended the seminar titled “Guiding our children towards Krishna” organized by Bhaktivedanta Academy of Education that gave me the different aspects of parenting. It was perfectly laid out by speaker HG Uttama Mataji and HG Krishna Nandini Mataji. It gave me some essential parenting tips to connect more with my children. I learn that there are many ways to handle situations besides negative punishment and how I can motivate and engage my kids in Krishna conscious activity. I appreciate the opportunity given for sharing our thoughts. I highly recommend this kind of seminar for any parents. I really benefited from it and am looking forward to attending more of this in future. These kinds of seminars are a great investment in our children and our relationship with them.”

Moksha Lila
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