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Strengthening the Basics

Recent seminar on  Strengthening the bonds that free us – a seminar for strengthening couples’ relationships, The art of chanting, etc


Enlightening and Cultural


Recognized Practitioners


Loving and Caring People


Follow up is needed

The 4 Factors

Important Aspects

These seminars are self-contained and accessible to all, even if you are very new to spiritual life.

They are facilitated by those well versed in Vedic philosophy and experienced in the practice of Bhakti-yoga. Discussions are interactive and meant to foster a heartfelt and respectful dialogue.


Being Conscious

At ISKCON Brampton, we focus on bringing seminars and workshops that help people to align with the popular principle of “High Thinking Simple Living”.

This particular seminar taught the attendees about how to make lifestyle choices that  are aligned with vedic principless

Education means to bring out what is within you.

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